9 Reasons That I Am Choosing A Paper Bible Over A Digital Bible


On Sunday I made a comment about paper Bibles vs. digital ones. This morning I received a tongue-in-cheek ribbing about that which stirred me to articulate some reasons I want to encourage paper Bible use on Sunday and other times, that goes way beyond a longing for the good old days. This blog by S.D. is far better than anything I could write so I am reblogging it for your benefit.

Strength Through Weakness

I have been alternating between a paper Bible and a digital one for several years. There have been things that I appreciated about digital copies and things that I appreciated about paper copies. However, recently I began to really think through this issue of whether I wanted to use a digital copy or a paper copy. It started as just a small mental exercise that soon developed into a philosophy that I have adopted in my own daily Bible use. It seemed to me that the arguments were strong enough to merit deep consideration. Thus I decided to post it in order to encourage such cogitation and reflection.

1. Easy access/relationship with God

There is something to be said for the ease of access that we have to the Word of God in a digital format. It is wonderful to be able to have the glorious riches of the Word of God…

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