Christian Lawyers need not Apply

Despite the Supreme Court recently deciding in favor of the Colorado baker, religious freedom in the US seems to be increasingly fragile.  Glance to the north; Canada is often a bellwether of what could come .

Sprawling across 157 acres of British Columbia, is a liberal arts university connected with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada.  By secular officials’ own estimation, Trinity Western University stands as one of Canada’s premier educational institutions, home to 4000 students.  Despite being the largest privately funded liberal arts school in all of Canada, it is now officially forbidden to train lawyers. Canada’s Supreme Court just decided 7-2 that because the school covenant prohibits  students from engaging in sexual relations outside of a 1-man, 1-woman marriage, TWU is not allowed to start a law school.

“If it’s a Bible problem…”

Yesterday as we discussed a growing exit by some evangelical leaders from the historic Christian conviction about homosexual behavior, I suggested “It’s a Bible problem, not a homosexual problem.” In other words, the problem behind the problem is that some have a diminishing confidence that all of the Bible is God’s revelation–or that such ancient words are meant for these times.  We’re also watching the effect of such uncertainty in declining beliefs about other biblical teaching such as an eternal judgment and the faith in Christ alone as the unique way God has designed for people to be reconciled to Him.

Parents, start them young if you want your children to grow up as Jesus followers who understand the gospel, and believe the Bible.  Here’s a great advice piece on bringing the whole Bible to life for your children–including the Old Testament!