Remarkable Again

At this moment, UN-backed Ecowas troops are poised to enter The Gambian capital in West Africa to forcibly oust ex-President Yahya Jammeh.  Yesterday in neighboring Senegal, duly elected president Adama Barrow was sworn into office.  Jammeh siezed power in a 1996 coup and liked it so much that now, despite losing the vote, he won’t leave.

Meanwhile, in the US of A, a new president was sworn in today in front of an outgoing president. Between them there were polite handshakes, smiles, and pomp despite the ravages of a bruising election and despite holding wide differences on how to govern. The only guns in view were those guarding the now and the former presidents.  The former president is being flown to his vacation after willingly vacating the White House so his successor can move in.  

I never cease to be amazed–and praise God for, what we enjoy in this nation.  Whether your candidate won or lost, despite a new administration, no one needs to scurry for cover.  The winning political party will get to work.  The losing one will continue to publicly and freely advocate for it’s vision.  New parties may form.  Despite this country’s flaws, there’s no place else I’d rather live, and no place else where I’d rather sweat to improve.  Pray for our new president, the congress, our court, our nation: one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.  Amen.