Urgent Good News for Parents

Even if you start parenting totally green–without any training or input, the job is so hard that you will inevitably seek advice from facebook, articles, blogs, books, friends–or other parents who seem successful at it.

mother scolds her child

Probably no one admits it out loud, but all of us are looking for tips that will WORK.  In other words, we’re looking for guidance that guarantees that our little violators will begin behaving, begin showing respect, and not embarrass us in public.  What if we’re majoring on the minors?  What if something else matters most for Christian parenting?  I found Paul Tripp’s article riveting–and wish I could get a do over!  Get your Bible out and give this a read.  http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/you-don-t-need-more-parenting-advice.