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guy-checking-cell-in-bedAnnoyingly chipper at that hour, waves notify you it’s 6 AM.  I have got to change that ringtone!!  Silence it.  Now you get up; or like me, stay laying.  Let’s not rush it.

OK, now you’re up.  Grab your phone, what’s next?  Not things like showering, shaving, getting the kids up, putting on makeup or eating breakfast, but who gets a hearing first in your morning: others or God?  The culture or the Creator?  Your phone or your Bible?

Several apps can tell us how often we check our phones and how much time we spend on them.  Increasingly even the most devoted smartphone users are wondering if their phones consume them.  BuzzFeed loaded the Moment app on several people’s phones, and asked them to guess how many hours a day they used them. Most were stunned by the facts.

Over at Desiringgod Tony Reinke recently had a provocative conversation with John Piper on the dangers of checking in with our phones before checking in with God.  Reinke wrote: whatever we focus our hearts on first in the morning will shape our entire day.  A survey of 8000 Christian readers was telling.  73% check their phones before they go to their quiet place for some time with God.  See the survey results and read why being the first voice of the day matters:

Author: Keith Rohrer

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