Your Bible: Digital or Paper?

Occasionally I use my phone’s YouVersion Bible app but mostly just if my paper Bible isn’t within reach.  In private worship time, study, or preaching, I’m all paper except for comparing translations.  Admittedly, I’m old school but I think there are some good reasons for being slow to abandon paper.  Several months ago the elders started a conversation about whether digital Bibles are a plus or a minus.  We also discussed the concern others have that putting Scripture on the screens Sunday mornings may be reducing a person’s interest in his/her own Bible, in bringing it to worship, even in reading it.  That discussion is ongoing.

One elder said he is now bringing his paper Bible for worship more often after being digital for some time.  Notes are more readily made–and remembered/reused.  A few days ago I read the following by a Canadian pastor who is also leaving digital more often in favor of paper.  His 5 reasons are worthwhile considering:

Author: Keith Rohrer

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