I Can’t Take it Anymore!

  • Says the mother with 2 squabbling toddlers and a sick infant.
  • Says the student with three “F’s” in Algebra who doesn’t understand the concepts (uh, that was me once).
  • Says the husband whose wife stays up most of the night talking online, but insists it’s innocent.
  • Says the drug addict on day two of withdrawal.
  • Says the plumber who not only didn’t make any money on back-to-back fails on jobs, but cost him $12,000 in repairs.
  • Says the person with daily migraines.

What’s God have these people?  Or, what can we offer someone at the end of his rope?  That “things will get better”?  We don’t know that.  That “God loves you”?  Maybe, but that doesn’t always bless the person wracked by pain or exasperation.  How about “God won’t give you more than you can handle”?  Maybe, but as Ron Edmonson demonstrates, we have to be sure we get 1 Cor.10:13 right–not just almost right.  http://www.churchleaders.com/pastors/pastor-articles/176380-ron-edmondson-reasons-god-may-allow-more-than-you-can-bear.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=clnewsletter&utm_content=CL+Daily+20140920

Author: Keith Rohrer

Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Gospel-lover, churchplanter, pastor, woodworker, biker.

One thought on “I Can’t Take it Anymore!”

  1. Praise the Lord!!! he has shown me time and time and time and again that He will break me and use me in my brokeness and even if He doesn’t break me He allows me to be broke for any one of or combination of those 21 reasons. Men have watched me go through and wonder how I could not be angry with God; some not listening to the facts and realizing that I indeed was the cause of my own demise and that He and He alone has the power to restore and revive every time. And when life does what life does and we suffer at the hand of the enemy, it is still Jesus who sustains and delivers. it is kind of weird but I know that He loves me so much more when He takes or allows me to go through trials then I can feel His strength 2Cor12:9. Has always ministered to my spirit through His Spirit in the midst of and after the trial has passed. I love spending time in His presence no matter what the cost and sometimes there is a cost and even then I must remember Jesus paid it all! And all I am usually dealing with is feelings and false pride. IT’S ALWAYS MORE THAN I CAN HANDLE, EVEN BREATHING!!!!


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