How I spent my vacation

Recently I’ve been off several weeks on a working vacation.  Sometimes people wonder what I do when I’m off.  (This one wasn’t usual.)

  • Built & installing small kitchen in my parents’ new apartment (at our house)
  • Painted walls and trim
  • Installing kitchen flooring
  • Reminded how exhausting it is when your daily work is all physical
  • Visited LCBC, Crossway Church, The Door Christian Fellowship, New Providence Church of God
  • Spent 3 days at the ocean with good friends enjoying stimulating conversation, too much food; over much too quickly
  • Ordered a new NLT Bible (large print [guess I’m there…]) to keep by my bed for reading (keep ESV for study)
  • Finally saw Redskins get a win; and another one
  • Right hand joined the left one as card-carrying member of the arthritis club
  • Witnessed grandniece pledge herself to her new husband
  • Watched grandson’s soccer game
  • Attended community meeting on future municipal water system in Intercourse
  • Watched PV soccer team lose to neighboring CV in league playoff
  • Shared dessert with friends we haven’t been with for 6 years
  • Hosted good friends from West Coast for several days
  • Read a novel by Jeff Shaara and one by David Baldacci

Church, thank you for the gift of time off!!

Author: Keith Rohrer

Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Gospel-lover, churchplanter, pastor, woodworker, biker.

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