Busy Family Life

Tomorrow I’m going to speak on the American family carousel of children’s rehearsals, games, performances, practices, clubs, etc.  Tina Bare alerted me to a great Focus on the Family broadcast from earlier this month.  It featured Joanne Kraft, mother of four and author of a witty 2011 book, Just Too Busy.  Learn new terms like “Busy Mom Poker”, “Radical Sabbatical” and “ADD” (Activity Denial Disorder).  If you feel like your family is in need of some a schedule makeover, take a listen.  If you don’t…, might not hurt anyway.  http://www.focusonthefamily.com/popups/media_player.aspx?MediaId={1C8EF70D-F24B-4DEF-804F-579585BC74CF}

Author: Keith Rohrer

Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Gospel-lover, churchplanter, pastor, woodworker, biker.

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