New Year’s Resolutions

Gotta admit I’m not a big NYR kind of guy. Not bragging, not complaining, just stating the cold hard facts.

First, I’m not the most goal-driven person. Second, I don’t understand the rationale behind waiting for a couple of weeks to start something. It’s kinda like saying, “Two weeks from now, I’m going to begin eating!” Why wait? Grab a sandwich TODAY!!

Third, I’ve never heard anybody say in September: “Well, I’m in the 9th month of keeping my New Year’s resolution to ______.” Seriously. Isn’t it true that about the only time we think of–or hear about NYR is during the December-January brain solstice? My theory is that when the sun dips to its southernmost point above the horizon, it deprives our brains of the heat needed for clear thinking and common sense. By September we’ve thawed out and are enjoying the nice long siesta between one failed New Year’s resolution and the next.

OK, OK, I’m a cynic; you got me. But I’m actually a fan of “LIFE IMPROVEMENT” which I think is what NYR’s are after: heavy people start losing weight; lust addicts take a bat to the computer (a la Fireproof), screaming parents remember it’s more about consistent training than momentary compliance, couch potatoes pursue a hobby, and introverts start getting out more.

Some believers have deep reservoirs of determination and can do this all by merely setting their minds to it. Others never get beyond good intentions. Here’s something available to both: God’s grace. If there is something that you believe needs improved in your life, ask God for help. After all, He gives generously (Jas. 1:5), ultimately is our source of ability and achievement (1 Cor. 4:7), and can do more than we could ever dream (Eph. 3:20).

If there’s something that needs improved in your life, don’t wait until Tuesday to get started. Begin to cry out to God today for His grace today and tomorrow to change. And remember, God loves it when we come to Him weak; that’s when His power really gets to shine (2 Cor. 12:9).


Author: Keith Rohrer

Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Gospel-lover, churchplanter, pastor, woodworker, biker.

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