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With last Sunday’s message I tried to undermine the claim that “(macro)Evolution is a Fact”–especially the theistic variety.  I argued it cannot be squared with the Bible, and in fact its tenets undermine the gospel itself since if there was no first Adam, where does that leave us with the second Adam (Romans 5 & 1 Corinthians 15)?  Here are some additional resources for thinking about science and God’s creation.  Browse. 

I don’t agree myself with everything on each of these sites (even when I do grasp what they’re saying!).  For example, as I indicated Sunday, though I think the earth is young (10,000-12,000 years), it’s entirely possible that it’s much, much older.  No matter how vociferously some argue the point, the Bible simply doesn’t say. 

Some of those below quarrel fiercely with each other about such matters.  When it comes to the fine points of Creation, in my opinion Christians should not go to war with each other over what the Bible’s either silent or unclear about. 

  • Creation Ministries International: [young earth]  Organization stacked with both with Ph.D. scientists as well as Bible interpreters.
  • Institute for Creation Research: [young earth]  Of Henry Morris fame.  ICR paints with a one-color brush: the fossils and the earth’s layers that secular science builds its arguments on for an very old earth, can be explained by a worldwide flood.  Everything can be explained by a worldwide flood.
  • Reasons to believe: [old earth]  Think-tank of scientists who are also Christians who believe the Bible is all true.  Lots of resources integrating known science with the testimony of Scripture.  They expose the soft underbelly of naturalistic and theistic evolution.  They believe in a “Big Bang” but not quite the conventional/secular one.
  • Answers in Genesis: [young earth]  Ken Ham has a very literal understanding of Genesis with no room for anything like an old earth.
  • Probe Ministries: Designed to help Christians have a thinking faith.
  • Pastor Kevin DeYoung’s interview with Discovery Institute’s Jay Richards regarding a book he edited, God and Evolution.

Author: Keith Rohrer

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