What God can do for those with same-sex attraction

This Sunday I’ll be speaking on homosexuality and related topics.  While the number of Americans who admit to being homosexual or bisexual seems to grow all the time, certainly there are still those who hide their desires for fear of the disdain, criticism and rejection they expect should they be honest.
In our churches, there is a comparable fear.  That is, some Christians with homosexual longings are fighting the good fight.  But the storm is fierce and while they desperately wish there could be some believers to stand with them with love, prayers, advice, and friendship, they suspect–probably rightfully so, we’d cut them off and despise them if we knew the truth.  The painful truth is that unless a church revises the Bible’s teaching on homosexual behavior, it’s not the best place to be honest about same-sex attractions.  It seems to be the one temptation that some Christians want to pretend doesn’t exist.  And the one kind of sinner/prospective sinner they don’t want to join hands with and help.  God forgive us.
From a distance I’ve learned how deeply imbedded the homosexual craving must be.  Where is there hope to be had?  Jesus Christ.  No, repentance and faith do not necessarily mean the temptations will flee.  After all, we are in a battle against sin that will last our lifetimes.  But being killed, buried and then raised to life again in Christ, does mean the power is there for victory.  As Christopher Yuan will tell you.

Author: Keith Rohrer

Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Gospel-lover, churchplanter, pastor, woodworker, biker.

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  1. We really appreciated this sermon; a particularly difficult subject to speak on. Somehow this sin is set apart for most of us. But how can we both criticize those who do it and not offer them the same hope we ourselves have received? Homosexuality serves as an example of sin that needs tremendous effort to resist. In one way or another, we all suffer from such temptation to sin.


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