My life for Him

It would be good to pray for Steve.
I was 2 years old when five missionaries were killed by the primitive tribesmen they were trying to reach in Ecuador.  Nate Saint, the pilot who deftly landed his friends on a sandbar which became their cemetery, left behind three small children including five year-old Steve.  Today that son is an entrepreneur and inventor with a missionary heart.  At 61 he heads I-Tec, the Florida-based Indigenous People’s Technology & Education Center.  Steve and his organization develop everything from portable dental devices & training, to aircraft (including a flying car), all designed to enable indigenous Christians in the most hidden parts of the world to help others and advance the gospel without relying so much on the developed world.
Last week Steve was badly injured while experimenting with an aluminum airfoil which came loose from its restraints, and he was left with very limited use of legs and arms.  He had surgery on Wednesday to relieve pressure on his spine, and the results were hopeful.  But he will probably need to learn to walk all over again as well as relearn other basics.

Before surgery, he made a compelling video that I’ll use in this Sunday’s sermon.  The truth is that none of us knows what tomorrow–what today holds.  Are we putting it all on the line for Jesus–no reservations, as if this was the end? 
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Author: Keith Rohrer

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