39 years of death

On Sunday it will be 39 years that the Supreme Court made it legal for doctors to perform abortions on girls and women who sought them.  Since then, over 55 million mothers have surgically ended pregnancies.  What might have been never was.  With a stroke of the pen the high court overturned state statutes all across America which prohibited what had always been regarded as a ghastly business.

Except by pregnant women who had no plans to be. 

Sarah Weddington’s name is not well-known but she was the attorney who urged Nora McCorvey to become a litigant against the state of Texas in the case that became known as Roe vs. Wade.  During the trial Nora was only identified as “Jane Roe” and did not reveal her role in the case until the 1980’s.  At the time, part of the legal push to permit Nora to abort her baby was fabricated testimony that she had been raped.  In fact–as she admitted in 1987, she’d been pregnant by her boyfriend.  
False testimony, an attorney with an apparent agenda, mythical finds in the Constitution, none of this matters any longer.  Permission to abort is the law of the land.  We who believe human life is sacred because God only made people in His image, can no longer count on government to protect the most vulnerable and innocent in our society.  Police will not stop a mother desperate to get rid of her baby, or arrest a physician making a killing with his/her abortion practice.  And substituting innocuous words like “terminate”, “tissue”, “fetus”, will not make a small baby less a baby, or make a baby who is killed, any less dead. 
This blog entry may be mostly for my soul.  I’ve been somewhat ambivalent about abortion over the years–at least in my response.  There’s no way to justify violence, I’m not convinced demonstrations do anything except polarize and anger people, and the political winds for “right to choose” blow briskly each election cycle.  So what do we do?
Vote your convictions.  I realize it’s harder and harder since elected officials–and those trying to get elected, can be very vague; even reverse themselves.  (I confess I do not use this as a litmus test because being prolife does not guarantee that someone will be a good leader.  I think choosing a candidate–especially to be president, demands looking at the total package before pulling the lever.)  
Support your local pregnancy center.  Whether that’s by giving a financial gift, or volunteering in some capacity whether as office help or in counseling frightened women.  If you know someone who’s pregnant and doesn’t want to be, offer to take them to a center to consider all options.  Prolife people are sometimes depicted as angry people who hate women.  I hope we aren’t.  We sinners who have been rescued by the gospel have no room for righteous indignation.  We should offer the same kind of forgiveness and reconciliation we’ve been offered in Christ, by a gentle God who has every right to be mad at us.    

Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services: http://pregnantwecare.com/
Cornerstone pregnancy Center: http://cornerstonepcs.com/contactus.php

Author: Keith Rohrer

Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Gospel-lover, churchplanter, pastor, woodworker, biker.

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  1. Thanks, Keith – a good word. I find that it’s too easy to just “vote” our views, and not take any action on them. Getting involved with SVPC or CPCS is a fantastic way to put our faith and convictions into action!


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