The Main Missionary question

Is all mission work equal?  Not anymore.  Not when 90% of our missionaries are deployed to “Christianized” people groups.  Not when only a penny out of every $100 given to missions goes to those working among people who have no Christian near enough–or none who speaks their language to tell them about Jesus.

Author: Keith Rohrer

Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Gospel-lover, churchplanter, pastor, woodworker, biker.

2 thoughts on “The Main Missionary question”

  1. Speechless…as I was for quite some time after Sunday’s video. Overwhelmed at the significance and sacrifice of reaching those still unreached. Perhaps the only millisecond in 18 years when I wish I was single and could abandon goods and kindred and run toward this great need. Oh how I long to be like Judson and be willing to die to myself for the sake of souls perishing! Oh God, let some of us say “YES” even though the task seems impossible and the sacrifice seems like tearing the flesh from my bones. Jen loves foreigners-has a special heart for them- Are you calling Lord? We will go!


  2. So moving. I find myself wondering if I’m drawn by the romance of serving in a foreign country. Dave and I are in the thick of a mission field in our own town and it is very challenging. It makes me wonder how I would hold up in a country where my family didn’t speak the language, know how to cook the food, get around, etc. I think the Youtube video did a wonderful job of illuminating a great, great need. But the reality of the work is so much less dramatic most of the time.


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