the sermon the hurricane drowned

Hurricane Irene left so many people without power, or a mess to clean up, or unable to get around swollen creeks that many missed my sermon Sunday on women dressing modestly.  Admittedly, not a fashionable topic.

Growing up Anabaptist I remember hearing sermons on how women should dress.  Having left the Mennonite church over 20 years ago I never thought I’d be one to one day preach that sermon.  But what some Christian women are wearing–and not just teenagers or the twenty-somethings–in effect shouts down the gospel, and undermines their brothers–some of whom are in a life and death struggle with the lusts of their sinful nature.

Let’s forever reject the notion that godly women are supposed to be ugly, or unfashionable.  I say,  “Ban the burkas!”  I don’t see anything in Scripture that applauds the notion that some extreme Christian groups have that her clothes should successfully erase a woman’s form.  Ladies, God made you look like that.  And while it’s dangerous to say this is ok or that isn’t, personally I don’t know that your knees need covered up.

But ladies, the real question is, do my clothes glorify God?  Do they let me make much of Jesus or are they busy making much of me?

When you shop, as well as asking, “Does it look good on me?”, ask “Does it look modest on me?”  Too many fashion designers are selling you tops which you may not even realize from your view in the mirror, put your breasts on display–especially when you lean forward.  If I’m the person you happen to be talking to at the time, I’m put in a predicament: do I look away while we’re talking and appear rude, or try to continue looking at your face while doing battle with the male magnets in my eyes?  Young women (and some older) wear strapless gowns or dresses to proms and weddings–sometimes even to worship–which are at risk of succumbing to gravity.  While watching men pray for fabric failure, every few minutes the woman has to yank the slipping assembly up again.

Sisters, the more skin that’s exposed, the more underwear parts that are not covered up, the more many men around you waver.  Brothers, we have a responsibility to learn to control our own bodies [and minds] in a way that is holy and honorable–not in passionate lust like the heathen who do not know God. (1 Thess.4:4-5).  Our control is not the ladies’ job.  But ladies, please help us.  We desire to glorify God and point people to His gospel.  You can make that more difficult…, or more likely.

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Author: Keith Rohrer

Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Gospel-lover, churchplanter, pastor, woodworker, biker.

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  1. Such a tough subject to tackle. There are so many angles here. A judgement call on what is modest can be so individual. I believe Christ can give each of us direction on how to dress so as to be glorifying to Him and not overly attention seeking. We all have that little voice if we listen closely. But we must remember to forgive. If we make a misjudgement on either side of this topic-towards someone else, it’s an opportunity to forgive. I’m glad you preached on it-just bringing it up is a platform for sobering self-awaremess. You’re right-it could be a topical study in itself.


  2. Excellent post and message. When we were in CA. we stopped going to the beach because the girls were wearing such little bathing suits. People please would you let your girls wear their bra and panties outside? Then why allow them to wear these tiny bikinis.


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