do you “feel” the Spirit… sense Him?

There’s an vast body of beliefs that circulates among Christian circles, and many are held precious by some believers despite having little or no biblical base.  I call them part of Christianity’s “folk religion”.  Over time, like mold, some beliefs morph or develop additional growths which distort the original error even more.  An example I’ve written about is the widely believed “generational curse” (see church website).  Some people are personally stuck–even held captive by this folk teaching that is not fully biblical.

Praise God for the Holy Spirit!  At regeneration, God flooded your soul with His very own Presence.  It is wonderful!  From His internal control center, He guides us, He corrects us, He empowers us, He sustains us, He refreshes us, He sanctifies us and He illuminates the Word of God to us.  These are things we’re sure of because God tells us they happen.  

But there are some folk beliefs about the Spirit too.  For example, have you ever said you “sensed” (or “felt”) the Spirit?  When a disgruntled member was leaving the church, he insisted he no longer “sensed the Spirit” at Keystone, seeming to imply that the Spirit had beat him to the door.  Yet others in the church would gush after service, “Pastor, I really sensed the Spirit today!”  I squirm at both kinds of comments.  You sense that…, on what basis?  Good music?  Good message?  The message was especially relevant to me?  Everyone was enthusiastic?  Vancouver, Washington Pastor Cole Brown offers some great insight. 

Lies My Pastor Told Me CH4 from Humble Beast Records on Vimeo.

Author: Keith Rohrer

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  1. Thanks. I like the three points. As someone who tends to “feel the Spirit” I think it’s important to step back and look at this with true biblical foundation.


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